2020 LITE-ON Innovation Award

Innovation is a state of mind. It exists in all field and professions. The 20th LITE-ON Award is looking for great ideas related to optoelectronic, eco-friendly and intelligent technologies! We invite you to make our planet a better place by unleashing your creativity. The NT$400,000 top prize is yours for the taking! This year, LITE-ON invite heavy-weight international corporations Merck, Infineon and Mouser Electronics to join with us to encourage great ideas in fields of Future Smart Hospitals, Smart City and Smart Home.

Dual-Category Winner with Chance to Take Home $800,000 NT Dollar Prize Award!

The 2020 LITE-ON Award sets two competitive categories, "Design Innovation" and "Technology Innovation," providing a platform to shine for creative minds specializing in either design or technology with their team. Both the "Design Innovation" and "Technology Innovation" categories will award the 3 top teams with gold, silver and bronze prizes respectively. To encourage innovators to brainstorm ideas that bridge the fields of design and technology, entrants will be allowed to enter both categories as long as its concept is in accordance with the selection standards. This is a great opportunity for one dual-category winner to take home a grand prize of $800,000 NT Dollar in total!

The LITE-ON Award is open to participants of all fields and ages, including students, young designers, and anyone interested in using creative and innovative designs to advance the cause of environmental sustainability. The two categories for the LITE-ON Award are open to innovative applications in the following fields: cloud computing, power systems, core mechanics, networking devices, optoelectronics, automobile electronics, smart manufacturing, 5G, AIoT and smart healthcare.


Working with the Ministry of Science and Technology's FITI Program to Create Startup Potentia

To encourage the development of ideas with commercialization and real startup potential, the LITE-ON Award will work with the Ministry of Science and Technology's FITI Program; in addition to providing the 3 top teams a chance to join the final selection for a million NTD startup capital award, the selected finalists will also be offered relevant startup and presentation courses to help teams present their creativity, and strengthen their understanding of product commercialization before the final competition. The jury of the LITE-ON Award will include experts in industry and academia, as well as startup venture capitalists, thus incorporating comprehensive and diversified views throughout the selection process for the prize winners.


Join Hands with Merck, Infineon and Mouser Electronics to Host Special Award

LITE-ON continues expanding and promoting the field of innovative design. LITE-ON continues to work with the global-leading enterprise Merck, Infineon and Mouser Electronics to hand out 12 special prize awards:


Merck Special Award:

Future Smart Hospitals

The transformation for healthcare services to become smarter is a trending innovation topic among many industries around the world. This could include personal health management, the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as caretaking. In addition to utilizing individualized smart devices, IoT, big data and AI technologies to help us improve the complicated physical and information workflows within the healthcare system, we also need to have a holistic view on the bigger picture in order to integrate novel solutions into actual practices.

Within this vision, hospitals will be the ultimate destination for all innovations to come together. Therefore, under the topic ‘Future Smart Hospitals’, this year we dedicate the Merck Special Award to ideas that would infuse future-oriented technologies into the existing realm of medical services. We invite you redefine healthcare by taking a deep dive into hospital organizations - from Outpatient Departments (OPD) and Inpatient Wards to Nursing Stations and laboratories – you are encouraged to form ideas around any process optimization opportunities that would create value for both patients and healthcare professionals.


Part of your life. Part of tomorrow

Technology is changing the way we live our lives, regardless of the part of this networked world we live in. Semiconductor technology plays a central role in bridging the gap between the real world and the digital world. Infineon invites you to explore Quality Living, Shaping the Future and propose innovative solutions based on what you've learned, seen, and heard. We call for solutions based on macro trends around the world, such as population and social changes, climate change and resource shortages, residential urbanization, and digital transformation, that would make this smart city more efficient, innovative, environmentally friendly, and safe; for example: innovative hardware and software created due to the advent of an aging society; the utilization of renewable energy and energy-saving applications; solving the challenges that arise from urbanization; 5G and other next-generation communication technologies; big data and the AI era, etc. We look forward to your excellent work to help Infineon achieve its mission: We make life easier, safer and greener.

Mouser Electronics:

Smart homes: Starting a new life with smart appliances

Smart homes are important nodes that combine to create “smart building” systems. Smart homes are closely related to the way people live. Higher levels of "smartness" in our appliances have greatly improved people's quality of life, and thus this topic has attracted much attention. Smart homes allow for "smart" control of systems and facilities, such as home appliances, air conditioning, lighting, and security. For air conditioning and lighting, increased system efficiency reduces energy consumption, while optimizing the internal environment through real-time control of temperature, lighting, and ventilation. For security, real-time image sensing and AI-based image recognition systems can be added to existing security systems, to ensure that access to the external and internal areas can be monitored and controlled, thus guaranteeing the protection of people and property.