The 2020 LITE-ON Award has added the “Technology Innovation” category for the 6th time. Innovation is the main theme of the award, which seeks innovative technology designs for optoelectronic, eco-friendly and intelligent technologies. Entries may include applications in fields such as: cloud computing, power systems, core mechanics, networking devices, optoelectronics, automobile electronics, smart manufacturing, 5G, AIoT and smart healthcare.

The competition includes a preliminary round and final round. In the preliminary round, written entries are selected for innovative technology concepts and evidence that practical demonstrations are feasible. In the final round, entries are judged based on live presentations and demonstrations. The judges will evaluate each entry based on criteria including research background, performance of technology, innovation, commercialization and marketing potential, presentation skills, and entry quality.



All ethic Chinese residing in Taiwan are eligible to enter, regardless of citizenship.


Registration Procedure

Step 1. Online Registration

1.Apply for Lite-On Award account

2.Our use previously created Lite-On Award account

Step 2. Before the submission 
deadline, please be noted:

1.Once fill in competition entry information, the serial number will be assigned

2.Upload no more than 3 page of PDF files presenting your idea

Step 3. Preliminary Selection Meeting

The panel reviews and decide the finalists.

Step 4. Final Selection

1. Finalist must submit their mock-up on time

2. Finalist must present their idea to the panel of Final Selection


Registering for a Lite-On Account:

Contestants should register for an individual LITE-ON account at . If join as a team, only the representative of the team need to register for an account. Information of other team members need be filled in co-designer column. If you already have an account from past participation in the competition, please use your existing registered email and password to log in.


Entry Submission


Submitting Your Entry:

After opening your LITE-ON Award account, log in to the Entry Information page and complete the form to receive an automatically generated entry number. Please upload a PDF of your entry. This will be your submission for the preliminary round. Your submission should clearly demonstrate the practical feasibility, features, and sustainability benefits of your entry. Your submission is complete upon successful uploading of the document. Please note the following regarding the format of your uploaded document:

  1. All Technology Innovation category submissions must be uploaded in PDF format. The PDF may contain any kind of content (including text and images) in any format, but cannot exceed 3 pages. The size of the PDF cannot exceed 6 MB.
  2. Additional information may be presented through a single video file. (Videos will be for the judges' reference only; they are not mandatory.) If you would like to include a self-produced video relevant to your entry as reference material for the judges, please upload the video to YouTube or Youku and follow the instruction on the system. Please note that the system supports only these two platforms.
  3. The concept of your entry and the content of the video must be original ideas by the team behind the entry. Any entry discovered by the organizer to be non-original, plagiarized, or identical to content produced by others at any stage of the contest may be disqualified, and the contestants may be subject to legal repercussions.


"Deadline for Uploading Entries:"

Your entry must be submitted before 12:00 noon time on June 23rd 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted.


Please note:

There is no limit on the number of entries per person. However, a series of works that stem from a single design concept will be considered a single entry. Any Technology Innovation entry that displays aesthetic value and marketability in its industrial design in addition to its technical practicality may also be submitted simultaneously to the Design Innovation category. However, the Design Innovation submission must comply with the required format for that category.


Awards and Evaluation Criteria

Awards and Rewards


Awards Prize Number of Winners
Gold Award Cash Award NT$ 400,000 and a Trophy 1
Silver Award Cash Award NT$ 200,000 and a Trophy 1
Bronze Award Cash Award NT$ 100,000 and a Trophy 1
Merit Award Cash Award NT$ 10,000 and a Certificate 7



1. The number of awards will be calibrated according to the quality of entries in final selection.

2. All awards are subject to Taiwan personal income taxes (10% for residents, 20% for non-residents)


Selection Criteria:

Criteria Explanation %
A. Research Background Inspiration, theory and reference documentation, demand analysis, benefit comparison 10%
B. Design Performance Innovation, environmental sustainability, aesthetics, ergonomics, user interface, design description 25%
C. Creativity Originality, marketability, creative inspiration description, sustainability in innovation 40%
D. Technical Feasibility Technologies that can achieve mass production within 3 years. 15%
E. Presentation Performance Ability to convey the rationale behind the design, and excellent presentation skills 10%


Mock-up Submission for Final Selection


Mock-up Production:

Entries which are selected for the final round must produce a mock-up with which to demonstrate their work. Contestants may choose to have a LITE-ON corporate partner produce the model, or to produce the model themselves at the partnering maker space. Use of the maker space is subject to organizer approval. The organizer will reimburse each contestant up to NT$25,000 for model production costs (including tax and shipping).


Mock-Up Submission:

Please deliver mock-ups to the address below. Contestants unable to deliver their mock-ups in person should mail their mock-ups, with the postmark serving as verification of mailing. Late submissions will be disqualified. Contestants bear all responsibilities for any damage incurred during shipping.

Mock-up submissions should be sent to: LITE-ON Award Committee


Mr. Chen

T:886-2-2708-9090 #221

Essence Communications Consultant Co.

15F -3, No. 1, Fuxing North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

* Final Selection mock-ups must display the LITE-ON logo, which may be printed, engraved, or otherwise marked on the piece.


Evaluation Process and the Panel


Preliminary Round:

Based on the evaluation criteria above, the judging panel will select 10 entries to proceed to the final round. The number of entries making it into the final round will be determined by the judging panel of preliminary selection.


Final Round:

  1. The panel will base its judgments on the feasibility of the mock-up, illustrations of idea, as well as the on-site presentation, deciding upon the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit awards.
  2. Finalists will be invited to present their ideas in person in a five-minute presentation, followed by a five-minute question-and-answer session. Finalists must submit supporting materials to LITE-ON Award Committee prior to their presentations.


Panel of Judges:

The panel of judges will be made up of five to six prominent experts and scholars from technology fields.